First established in 1868, the original Lexington Livery was the city’s largest stable for horses and carriages riding in and out of town. With train tracks that once used to run behind the Livery on Vine Street, deliveries would be made to the stable as well. Sometime later, the building  was converted into Shumaker’s Art Supply Store which served Lexington for over 60 years. The last business to frequent the building before the venue was Heritage Antiques. The antique store owner meticulously restored the original brick and rafters to what we see today also while uncovering a piece of Lexington history.

Repurposed in 2013, the Livery now acts as Lexington’s premier event space in a prime downtown location. Modern updates blend with historic rustic details to give a unique, one of a kind venue, right in the heart of Lexington. With 7,200 sqft, the space is both rustic and elegant. The Livery evokes the passions of the local horse community and the refined qualities of an upscale, urban setting. 

The building's rich history of facilitating connections adds to the significance of choosing the Livery to host your event. 

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